Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Dr. Doug, The Trading Dr. Workshops/Webinars

Dr. Doug has covered over 100 unique, high-impact topics on the Psychology of Trading.

Here is just a small sample of some of his powerful presentation topics which will help your group take their trading to the next level. All workshops are customized to fit YOUR needs.

* Focusing on the Trade and not the Money
* Making Objective Trading Decisions: Taking Emotions Out of the Game
* Creating a Trading Game Plan: Knowing when to Stick with it and when to be Flexible
* Taking the C.H.A.M.P. Approach: Setting and Achieving Effective Goals
* Taking Responsibility: Exactly Who are They?
* Fear of Failure and Fear of Success
* Fear of Missing Out
* Motivation – Why you Trade/How you Trade
* Over Trading & Under Trading
* How Mental Accounting Leads to Irresponsible Trading
* Internal vs. External Confidence
* Taking a Profit to Create a WIN-WIN-WIN Situation
* Taking a Loss to Create a WIN-WIN-WIN Situation
* Mastering the Skill of Money Management: Psychological Traps and Effective Solutions
* Mastering the Skill of Focus and Concentration
* Mastering the Skill of Patience

Find out more about Workshops and Webinars by Doug Hirschhorn, Ph. D. a.k.a. "The Trading Dr." at

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